We are not victims of the world we see, we are victims of the way we see the world.
-- Dennis Kucinich



The Guns & Dope Party primarily wants to abolish Tsarism and restore constitutional democracy in the California Republic. If our example inspires the other 49 states, so much the better.

Why do we oppose Tsarism? How does the U.S. drug Tsar function?

Allegedly, this omniscient official knows what drugs, herbs, compounds etc. you should use for your medical problems better than your doctor knows!!!!!!

Even more magically, the Tsar knows this without doing any physical examination of you, blood pressure readings, other scientific tests etc. that your doctor does, and often from a distance of 3000 miles -- and the Tsar does it without even looking at you.

The Tsar doesn't even know if you have hangnail or cancer, AIDS or flu, belong to the senior set or haven't even reached voting age yet. He can't even classify you as male, female or undecided.

In short, the Tsar knows nothing about you or your medical problems, by ordinary data, but he still know more about your medical care than your doctor knows, by some supernatural means unknown to mere mortals.

This makes sense if and only if we have a devout faith that our Tsar, like the Russian Tsars of olde, receives guidance directly from "God." No other, less spooky explanation fits the claims made by Tsardom.

The government accordingly spends more and more of our tax money financing "faith-based organizations." Without faith we might relapse into scientific or rational thinking, which leads by a slippery slope toward constitutional democracy.


Tsarism represents an intermediate form between European monarchism and Asian despotism, being, possibly, closer to the latter of these two.
-- Leon Trotsky, Russia's Social Development and Tsarism

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