Your methodology sucks!
--Cannibal Women of the Avocado Jungle of Death

Olga Struthio

Spiritual advisor of the Guns & Dope Party


Olga remains essential to the serious, scientific and sincerely surrealist aspects of the Guns and Dope Party. Personal liberty, scientific and medical freedom, the rights of Imagination: all these appear dead or dying under the tyranny of Tsarism, and we all need to fight back "by any means necessary." After all, this may become the last -- the very last -- battle for individual rights in this moribund Republic, before rampant medievalism closes down the democratic age.

NONETHELESS, we all need Olga also. Without her, we might take ourselves -- and featherless biped politics in general -- too damned seriously, following the usual "slippery slope" downward from Ideology to Idiocy. We need the perspectives of our feathered cousins, no matter how weird they may sound at times.

Thus, while we stand beside the NRA in strict adherence to the second amendment, talkingwe oppose what Jimmy Breslin called "poor usage of a revolver." We also oppose poor usage of napalm, bazookas, shrapnel, automatic rifles, nukes, etc. Common Errors in Usage of all of these seem rampant in the Tsarist States, not only by the Goober government there, but increasingly by the baffled and maddened citizens, which explains why we feel secession may become necessary.

As the philosopher Claud William Dunkenfield [1889-1945] noted, "Sooner or later we must take the bull by the tail and look the facts in the face."


A government which takes your money by force like a common thief will use this stolen money to further enslave you and to prevent any rebellion on your part.
--Olga Struthio

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