Struthian Orthodox Iconography

orthodoxThis third edition of The Encyclopedia of Struthian Orthodox Iconography provides extensive, detailed entries on the major movements, documents, denominations and bipeds within the Western Struthian tradition. From Olga the First to Tsar Ratite, the thematic entries, presented randomly, provide no doubt that ESOI is thorough, scholarly, and effectively accessed with its numerous index points. Its lists of selected works of art for each theme are especially valuable, as this feature is not offered in some sources, such as Babcock and de Selby. Seven indexes to terms discussed in the entries ensure that the user will find references to the subject being sought. An Index of Ancient Mythological and Historical Personages, Places, and Concepts, and an Index of Palaeognathic Personages, Places, and Concepts help the user who is interested in a particular place or the narratives of particular characters, but isn't sure how themes relating to them are categorized. These are followed by an Index of References to the Struthiondicus and Other Sacred Books; an Index of Other Cultures, Religions, and Mythologies; an alphabetical Index of Artists and Works of Art; and an Index of Authors, Literary Texts, Composers, Filmmakers, and Folktales, which includes references from classical to contemporary, including Aesop, Benjamin Franklin, the movie Southern Star, and Walt Disney. A final Index of Other Names and Terms includes topics that appear in the essays but are not themselves mythological, religious, or literary, such as brothels, dogs, and puzzles.

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